I wish I had someone to cook for

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destroy the idea that you cant be non binary if you wear dresses.

destroy the idea that you cant be male if you wear dresses.

destroy the idea that being non binary means being androgynous/masculine.

destroy the idea that you, as an individual, have to look a certain way to have people realize what pronouns you prefer.

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let trans people decide what is or isnt transphobic

let disabled people decide what is or isnt ableist

stop letting majorities decide what is or isnt offensive to a group of people they arent even a part of

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Also putting pasta on garlic bread is 10/10

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Actually made a proper dinner tonight instead of just noodles/not eating at all

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Kinda glad I only have one shift until the weekend and that it’s at the fish and chip place bc my back is killing me but also really angry about it bc I’m running out of money lol

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Anonymous: Your gorgeous, any chance of ever seeing a nude on here :) 

Thanks, when I’m 18 probably

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There can be a difference between being a feminist who is also white and being a White Feminist (TM). The first kind, who is all about intersectionality and knowing she has white privilege, we’re cool with. The second kind, who thinks it’s okay to compare the white woman’s burden to things like slavery and who thinks it’s her mission to save brown women from brown men, not at all.

This is a great post to read if you are a white feminist and want to know what you can do to support women of color.  Also, here’s a list of reasons why white women have privilege over women of color.


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